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Our Vision

Dudley grew up in Seattle, WA and moved to Missoula in '98 to attend college. After graduating with a degree in Business, he went on to work for several technology companies and has now spent more than 15 years managing all aspects of IT Services. Initially writing and testing software for a large software developer, he spent the majority of his career overseeing the Desktop Services department for a national healthcare corporation with thousands of employees and computers while working within HIPPA, SOX, and PCI regulations.  Dudley is also a Microsoft Certified Professional as well as ITIL v.3 certified, and has also studied at the American Management Association in Chicago, IL.


Dudley founded D3 Technical Services to be the most trusted provider of technical support and consulting services for businesses in Missoula and Western Montana. We have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and quite simply, making technology "just work" for people whether for small business or in large corporate regulatory environments.


Dynamic  -  Dependable  -  Dedicated

Dynamic:  We're a small company, but we think of that as an asset instead of an issue.  Being small means that we can be more responsive and focused on our clients than our competition.


Dependable:  You need a partner you can trust and that has the ability to deliver results.  Our expert support staff is comprised of industry veterans you can rely on to be there when you need them.


Dedicated:  We take pride in our work, and have fun while we're doing it. We love this stuff and are dedicated to make technology work for you.


There is no substitute for trust.  If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.  -Alan K. Simpson

Our Founder

Dudley T. Moorhead III
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