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Technology Planning

The fact is all computers will break, it's just a matter of time.

How do you manage that risk so it does not impact your work-flow or break the bank? Even if a system stays running for 10 years, what can you do with 10-year old technology? What costs go into keeping it running? What are the opportunity costs with supporting a 10 year old system?  What about security?

In today's world of technology, you need to have a plan for your IT services and their life-cycle.  Simply making the decision to plan this out on your timetable instead of waiting for things to break can dramatically reduce the impact to your bottom line.


Systems Monitoring

Monitoring allows us to get a better insight into your network.  Are the investments you made working as they should?  Often there are signs before something breaks completely.  Systems Monitoring often gives us the ability to predict failures before they happen reducing the impact to your business.  We go beyond simply monitoring if a system is on or off, instead we monitor the critical functions of those systems and verify their performance.  With monitoring we include management of Updates, Antivirus Software, and Backups.  We'll also provide you comprehensive reporting and analysis to give you unprecedented historical and real-time views into how your IT investments are functioning.

IT Support

When you need help with your computer, you need it now.  At D3 Technical our IT Helpdesk is the first point of contact for all support issues.  It is accessible by phone, email, or internet and is staffed by dedicated support technicians to ensure all incidents are resolved on your first call whenever possible.  If the issue is a little more complex then it is entered into our tracking system and escalated to technical specialists for additional troubleshooting and resolution.  In those cases our Helpdesk staff tracks the tickets to ensure a proper communication and a timely and efficient resolution. Additionally, clients can monitor and update the status of their own support cases through the online Customer Portal, or browse through customized Self-Help Knowledge Base articles created specifically for their staff.

Technical Consulting
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